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How To Get Up To 100K AWS Credits

100K AWS Credits

Powerful, adaptable, and reasonably priced, cloud computing is one of the best options available to companies for expanding their infrastructure, and AWS is the most powerful cloud computing provider. AWS provides free AWS credits to assist startups in utilizing the greatest tool available. These credits can be used as a coupon to pay for your AWS expenses. Here’s how to get up to $100k AWS credits

What is AWS Activate? 

In order to provide qualifying startups and early-stage businesses with tools, resources, and savings to support them at every point of their lifecycle, AWS Activate was established in 2013. All startups will have access to the following advantages as part of AWS Activate: 

100K AWS Credits
  • Access to the AWS Activate Console 
  • Get professional advice on business and technical issues 
  • Instruction and resources for new businesses via Study up on AWS 
  • More than 40 prefabricated infrastructure models 
  • Special discounts and complimentary trials 
  • Access to the Personalized Tools and Content section of the AWS Activate Recommendations feed 
  • a startup’s lifetime application period for up to $100,000 in AWS credits, which may be used to pay for AWS services

How Do I Apply for Credits to Activate Amazon? 

Although AWS Activate has several advantages, the credits are what most startups would find most appealing. These credits can be redeemed for services from AWS partners like Startup AWS Credits or applied toward a variety of other AWS-related expenses. 

It is no longer possible to apply for all credits at once, and you will need to complete a few steps in order to access the full $100,000 in AWS credits

Step 1: Unlock Founders Credits (go to Step 2 if you want to work with a professional right away). 

Unlocking the founder’s credits is the simplest type of credit. Businesses that fit the following requirements can receive up to $1,000 in Amazon credits: 

  • Activate credits if you’re new to AWS and not connected to an AWS provider. 
  • Pre-series B: self-financed or funded 
  • possess an operational business website 
  • Founded ten years or less ago 

Pro Tip: If you deal with an Activate Provider (like, you can bypass this stage and get up to $10,000 in AWS credits right away. 

You must perform the following actions in order to unlock Founders credits: 

  1. You’ll need to fill out the following forms on the Activate Console to finish registering: name, role, experience with AWS, company details, app details, and client information. 
  2. Choose the Tier of Founders. 
  3. Check the available selections and the AWS Account ID to which the credits are going to be applied. 
  4. Give some more details about your application, such as the launch date, website, level of funding, appraisal, and anticipated amount of money spent on AWS. 
  5. After submitting your application, you should wait a few days for its approval. 

After completing this process, you’ll be qualified for all other AWS Activate features, $1,000 in AWS credits to get you started, and the chance to unlock even more credits eventually. 

If you are already at a point where you require additional credits, you can find an AWS Activate Provider immediately and bypass the Founders credits stage. 

Note: If a business has already benefited from an equivalent or higher number of credits through the AWS Activate program, it might not be qualified for additional AWS credits. If qualifying firms have previously received a smaller credit amount, they may be entitled to be topped up to a greater credit amount; further details can be found in the AWS Activate. 

Please select Credits from your Billing and Cost Management Console to find your credit balance.

Locate an AWS Activate Provider in Step 2 

Startup owners must look for an AWS Activate Provider to take advantage of AWS Activate’s full potential. A component of this ecosystem, Startup AWS Credits, can assist startups in advancing and obtaining additional AWS Activate credits. We can provide you with the initial batch of free AWS credits through our partner company, and the procedure couldn’t be easier. 

With less money invested and greater benefits from AWS, our team can help your startup succeed since we have the necessary knowledge, qualifications, and experience. Enroll in our AWS Resell program; there are no long-term obligations, and it’s free. 

We will walk you through the process of obtaining complimentary AWS credits as soon as you join. Your first batch will be available to you in the first week! 

You will receive free AWS credits along with free consultation, yearly AWS Cost Optimization Reviews, and monthly discounts on AWS. All of this without charging you extra. Start now!

Acquire the remaining $100,000 in credits in step 3. 

The next step after registering with an AWS Activate Provider is to locate an accelerator or incubator that can assist you in securing the remaining $95,000 and support your growth. Although this can be a difficult procedure, the Startup AWS Credits team is here to help. We can help you create a pitch, make the proper connections, and eventually gain access to your AWS credits because we have solid working relationships with a number of incubators worldwide. 

Let’s examine some of the incubators that are now available: 

Superangel – United States 

Ben Zises, an angel investor, counselor, and fund manager, launched Superangel in 2021. The fund prioritizes proptech, future of work, and consumer (CPG, eComm SaaS) firms. 

Estonian Change Ventures 

Change Ventures concentrates on Baltic-based startups. The Change Ventures team prefers to help companies with the proper expertise and the intention of expanding to become global businesses rather than focus on certain industries. 

Finland: Superhero Capital

Superhero Capital is a venture capital firm based in Finland that provides up to $1 million in early money to “Superhero” founders of software-driven enterprises, mostly in the Baltic region. 

UK-based EntrepreneurFirst Parent

Talent investment is the main focus of EntrepeneurFirst. This is funding entrepreneurs who have enormous potential and who seek assistance in taking the next step toward creating a business that causes disruption. In addition to cash help, founders in Europe, North America, and Asia can get in-person assistance and guidance. 

Do You Wish To Use Additional Accelerators and Incubators? 

We do the laborious job for you. Fill out the form to receive a list of the top 100 accelerators and incubators and win $100,000 in AWS credits right now. 


AWS credits can be a game-changer for your startup, whether you’re looking to scale your infrastructure, try out new services, or just cut operating costs. 

We are here to assist you in obtaining free AWS credits for your company as an official scout for the AWS Activate program. Working with us will guarantee that you receive the credits you require and that you don’t inadvertently waste credits by spending them or allowing them to expire. 

We are here to assist you, having already assisted more than 500 firms in obtaining over $7 million in AWS credits for startups! 

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